Sid Shah and Commissioner Hagan announcing the approval of the right turn lane into Cory Lake Blvd from Morris Bridge Road.

My first two terms were productive. I….

  • Successfully collaborated with County Commissioner Ken Hagan on the right hand turn lane into our community on Morris Bridge Road.
  • Advocated to County officials and Commissioner Hagan for more safety measures on Morris Bridge Road, and was granted a Sheriff substation not far from our MB entrance/exit.
  • Convinced county officials to administer two Covid 19 vaccine drives to CLI residents when vaccines were limited. We were one of the few communities in Florida to receive such a privilege. This was followed up by three more local pharmacist-led drives for our community.
  • Supported a civil action against Republic Waste for damaging a section of our roads leading to a generous six-figure settlement.
  • Spearheaded a project to install the flagpole, and initiated the annual Veterans Day celebration at the Beach Club to honor our Cory Lake veterans.
  • Started the Cory Lake Isles International Food and Arts Festival.
  • Advocated for making the club house rental more accessible by limiting closed days from 14 to 3 days.
  • Initiated shaving ferns on resident palm trees annually by the CDD.
  • Enhanced CDD communication to the community by implementing CDD Facebook page and regular email blasts to the community.

Sid Shah taking stock of the construction of Right Hand Turn Lane on Morris Bridge Road and Cory Lake Blvd

Sid Shah taking stock of the construction of Right Hand Turn Lane on Morris Bridge Road and Cory Lake Blvd

Sid Shah has been a regular sponsor of several Blood Drives at the Cory Lake Isles Beach Club

Sid Shah was instrumental in hosting a total of five COVID-19 vaccine drives at the Cory Lake Beach club during the height of the pandemic, when vaccines were in limited supply

Sid Shah appreciating Cory Lake medical team and volunteers who made the COVID-19 vaccine drives possible

Sid Shah was a participant and a sponsor of an official CPR/AED certification training session, which was approved by the CDD

Sid Shah is a regular volunteer with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful. This particular initiative was for the Hillsborough River Coastal Cleanup event at Branchton Park. He also volunteered during the Coastal Cleanup at Flatwoods Park.

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful and volunteers from Sewa International teamed up to clean Fowler Ave between 30th Street and McKinley Drive

Sid Shah with other Cory Lake residents during one of the Adopt a Road cleanup activities. Four times a year they pick up trash and debris along Morris Bridge Road between Flatwoods and Cory Lake Blvd

Sid Shah at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Cory Lake's first "Take a Book, Share a Book"

Sid Shah initiated the annual celebration of Veterans Day at the Beach club for our CLI veterans

Sid Shah and other CLI volunteers distributing treats to kids during Halloween

Sid Shah with CLI Facilities Manager John Hall evaluating the street flood in Cachet Isle

Another hard earned accomplishment by Sid Shah to repair protruding sewer manholes in Barbados Isle by the City of Tampa.

Sid Shah checking the progress of a repair due to a collapsed road at the corner of Cachet and Cory Lake Dr.

Sid Shah showing appreciation to our hard working LMP landscapers! Out in the heat, day in day out, keeping our community beautiful.

Sid Shah helped raise funds to appreciate all the guards and the CDD staff during Christmas Holidays

Sid Shah helped raise funds to appreciate all the guards and the CDD staff during Christmas Holidays

Sid Shah initiated and other CDD Board members joined in appreciating a resident who helped administer three COVID-19 vaccines sessions to the residents


On behalf of CLI Sid Shah receiving Commendation from Tampa City Council for celebrating 1st Annual Veterans Day at the Clubhouse for CLI veterans

Following a vehicular fatality of one of our residents on Super Bowl Sunday on Morris Bridge Road, Sid Shah went to work instantly. This resulted in the coming of a Sheriff's substation on Morris Bridge Road close to our entrance. This facility will increase the presence of Sheriff's deputies and vehicles along Morris Bridge Road, and hopefully have a positive impact in deterring speeders and other forms of reckless driving.

I am excited to represent the community for a 3rd term.